Diabetes Reversal Program ("DRP")

In 8 weeks, you are taught proper nutrition and strategies to stabilize blood sugar while improving insulin sensitivity.  The goal of the DRP is to reduce or eliminate the need for medications while blood sugars are maintained naturally.  This is an education program, not a medical program, and participants must work with their own doctors during the program.

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Understand the root cause of diabetes and how to reverse the disease naturally by eliminating the source so that medications are no longer necessary.


Carry out reversal strategies to lower blood sugars and insulin resistance through weekly challenges with the support of your peers and Dr. Ban.


Be supported by Dr. Ban, program coaches, and your peers throughout the learning process to ensure accountability, motivation, and success.



Michael L. (72 years old)

I was a diabetic and was at 307 pounds. I’m a wheelchair dependent double leg amputee. When I met Dr. Ban, I was taking 80 units of long acting insulin twice a day as well as 60 units of fast acting insulin before each meal. I was also on an oral diabetes medication. After starting the program with Dr. Ban, I lost 40 pounds, my glucose levels were great, my HbA1c is normal. After 1 year, I have lost 64 pounds, no insulin needed, normal blood pressure, and my overall health hasn’t been this good for over 20 years. Thank you Dr. Ban.

Renee P. (57 Years Old)

I began as a skeptic, but now I am a true believer! Dr. Ban has changed my life!  I have been treated for diabetes for over 20 years, with more than ten years as an insulin dependent diabetic.  For several months, I was running 300 blood sugars consistently.  Several readings were in the 400s.  I was becoming increasingly concerned because I had doubled my insulin intake and I couldn’t get my blood sugars down.  Then a very close friend of mine told me about this program.  I was desperate.  Conventional treatment beliefs in managing diabetes were not helping control my blood sugar and I was afraid of the damage it was doing to my body.

So I started Dr. Ban's program hoping for a miracle. Within the first two weeks of the program I cut my insulin intake in half.  In 3 more weeks, I was taken completely off my long and short-term insulin.  Not only did my blood sugar levels stay within the normal acceptable range, but my averages have continued to decrease!  My cravings and blood sugar swings have disappeared.  I feel in control of my health for the very first time in years.  I am amazed. I never thought I would be able to go off insulin.

Since starting the program, I have been to several of my doctors and have had a full blood work up done.  My doctors are thrilled with my progress and urge me to continue.    Getting off insulin has made dramatic changes to my life.  I feel so much better!  Thank you Dr. Ban for the miracle I was looking for!

Linda L. (66 years old)

After trying for years to control my diabetes and to lose weight, I felt so much frustration.  My doctor referred me to a diabetes maintenance program at the local hospital.  My husband, attended with me to support me.  I followed everything I had been taught. What was my result?  I not only gained weight, my A1C numbers went up!I was frustrated and embarrassed because I thought my doctors wouldn't believe that I was really trying so hard.

Enter Dr. Ban Truong, my new doctor.  When Dr. Ban asked me about my diabetic journey, I expected that he wouldn't believe me either even though I had my husband as my witness.  Dr. Ban instead described almost exactly what I had been experiencing dieting, weight gain not weight loss and my A1c going in the wrong direction.  I was amazed and even more when Dr. Ban explained what I had been doing wrong and how easy it has been to reverse my situation.  My husband and I lost weight (30 lbs. for me and 40 lbs for him) without "dieting."  We have learned about the proper foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  My A1C numbers are normal.  I no longer take diabetes medication.  This information was all provided without judgment but plenty of encouragement.  It is the beginning of a new life for us.  I thank Dr. Ban with all my heart.

David H. (49 years old)

I was told to take a bottle of insulin, metformin.  Don’t eat pasta and bread.  My blood sugar was still 350.  I came back to the office the next week.  My doctor told me he needs to increase insulin, and my blood sugar went to 550.  After talking with Dr. Ban, within 3 days, with his strategies, my blood sugar dropped to 146 without insulin.  Within one month, my blood sugar was below 100 without any diabetes medications.

Hilario G. (61 years old)

I have been a diabetic for 18 years.  I was in desperate need of controlling my glucose levels, and I was on 240 units of insulin a day.  Long acting insulin didn’t work, so I stopped using it.  My fasting blood sugar was still 240-300 with all this insulin.  My doctor told me I would be on dialysis in 5 years.  That’s when I asked Dr. Ban for help.  Dr. Ban showed me how to accomplish my goals when my own doctor couldn’t.  My HbA1c dropped from 11.4 to 6.8, and I lost 35 pounds in 2 months.  I felt so much better without insulin and not taking oral medications.

Rick B. (47 years old)

Before consulting with Dr. Ban, I was a Type 2 diabetic, taking daily doses of long-acting insulin, an oral diabetes medication, and a weekly injection of another diabetes medication.  I was also on statins for a heart attack I had 3 years previously.  My weight shot up to 210 pounds and instead of feeling better I was actually feeling worse while my finances were feeling the effects of cost associated with medicating the symptoms of diabetes.  Even though my endocrinologist was increasing my doses, it seemed as if my body was starting to rely on the medication instead of doing its job.  My blood sugar remained about 200+ while my HbA1c was above 8.  Since working with Dr. Ban, within 2 months, I was no longer taking any of my diabetes medications.  My blood sugar and HbA1c is maintaining at good level for the past year.  My weight has dropped to 175 pounds.  I have more knowledge about my body, and I am healthier and potentially can live a longer healthier life for myself and my kids.

Tan L. (47 years old)

Before seeing Dr. Ban, my blood sugar was running at 205.  I was taking 2 oral diabetic medications twice a day.  After a month of working with Dr. Ban, I was off both medications.  My blood sugar was in the 110 range, and I also lost 25 pounds.  It’s amazing what Dr. Ban was able to do for my diabetes.

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