RESET 2.0 - July 2020

The RESET 2.0 Program is an 8-week experience that includes extensive online video education, opportunities to incorporate healthy strategies into your lifestyle, and priceless technical and emotional support from an amazing community of RESET men and women. Access this online program from anywhere in the world from your desktop, tablet, or phone.

The next RESET 2.0 Program begins on July 18th and we would love for you to join us for FREE as a way that we can give back to our community!











Dr. Ban teaches you about the 4 Pillars of Health -- the four areas of your life that have to be addressed to lose weight and be healthy. He breaks down nutrition and health myths, educates you on what research studies show is healthy, and explains the reasons why certain choices make you healthier and others make you sick.


Practice makes perfect! You will be challenged to implement what you learn from the educational videos, to practice weight loss & weight maintenance strategies, and to identify & customize which approaches work best for your lifestyle. You are not just given guidelines, you are taught how to use the strategies to be healthy.


You will be supported by the RESET team and a close-knit group of countless RESET men and women every step of the way. We will be your coach, your cheerleader, and your partner -- always ready to help strategize, to hold your hand, to give you a nudge, or to empathize. You will never be alone in your weight loss struggles again.

Sponsored by Twin Dragons Baking Co.

This no-cost summer RESET is sponsored by Twin Dragons Baking Company. A baking company dedicated to producing sugar-free, low carb, keto/diabetic-friendly, and delicious products.




RESET Program FAQ's

The RESET program requires commitment of both time and to your health. Each week, you are given 1 to 3 hours of video education that must be watched prior to implementing the weekly strategies. The RESET program is for persons devoted to improving their health enough to consistently participate in the program.

No, the RESET program is much more comprehensive and covers Dr. Ban's "4 Pillars of Health:" (1) Nutrition & Exercise, (2) Stress, (3) Gut Health, & (4) Aging Hormones and Environmental Toxins.  Diets often fail because they only address one pillar (nutrition), not the other major factors that lead to poor health. 

No, the RESET program is an online educational program created by Dr. Ban, a quadruple board certified doctor with a Ph.D. in nutrition. Participants are required to continue care under their own physician or other health practitioner for monitoring of their medical needs.

The new RESET 2.0 program is provided as online educational videos released weekly for 8 weeks, along with live webinars, handouts, and group support.  The program enables you to accomplish 2 main goals: (1) break down health and nutrition myths and replace that knowledge with scientifically proven information to enable you to make informed decisions in your everyday life; and (2) learn strategies to lose weight, maintain your weight, break past weight plateaus, balance hormones, eliminate food cravings, stabilize your energy and moods, heal your gut, and improve your overall health.

Yes! Our program is highly successful at reducing or reversing both of these conditions, & our members often no longer need medications after completing the RESET program.  Our strategies help lower blood pressure naturally & make insulin more sensitive.

No. Excess body fat increases risk of chronic diseases. Although we do agree that the state of nutritional ketosis is important for burning body fat for fuel, the RESET strategies are much broader and more extensive than the "Keto" diet and are targeted at balancing hormones that affect weight and health.

Over 90% of diets fail long term. No other weight loss program can results in long-term weight loss. We give you the tools to lose your weight and maintain it for life. Our members are empowered to take control of their health, to stop yo-yoing, & to break past weight plateaus.

Yes, fasting is one of the many strategies taught in Module 2 of the RESET program.  We cover the science of fasting, as well as the documented health benefits of fasting.  Also, we provide instruction on how to fast correctly.  All participants have the option to participate in or decline to participate in any strategy we teach.

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