RESET Maintenance Program

The RESET Maintenance programs are four specific seasonal programs that help persons who have already gone through the 12-week RESET program to continue honing their ability to apply the knowledge and skills that they learned to real life. The RESET Maintenance programs cover challenges that arise during each season of the year, and offer strategies on how to overcome those challenges to continue to live the RESET lifestyle. Participants are assumed to know the basic information and terminology covered in the RESET program, most of which will not be explained during the Maintenance programs.


The weather heats up, kids are out of school, and people head for vacation.  Being away from home and having regular schedules disrupted often lead to gaining those vacation pounds. Then, you return, lack motivation, and forget how to make healthy choices to reset your body.


As the weather cools, the body prepares for winter and possible scarcity of food. The hormone insulin naturally rises and increases fat storage. The holiday season hits, stress increases, and the parties and desserts make it nearly impossible to maintain and lose weight.


The shorter, cold days of winter rev up the body's fat storage. Body fat increases to keep us warm and with enough energy to function. There are fewer options for fresh produce. With more hours of night, your metabolism slows down. Diet strategies suddenly don't work anymore.


The weather warms up, and your insulin begins to drop again. Most schedules start to normalize, stress from the fall & winter lessen, and you shed the heavy winter clothes. There are more options for fresh, high fiber produce. This is the best time to target any weight loss goals.

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