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Hormone Invigoration for Men "HIM" Program

HIM was created for men to address male hormonal imbalance. The course includes education related to the different hormones in men, how they function and what they do, how to identify hormonal imbalances, and how to resolve those imbalances naturally.

Do you fit into one or more of these categories of hormone imbalance?

Low Testosterone

Symptoms include: enlarged male breasts, sexual dysfunction, abdominal fat, fatigue, enlarged prostate, foggy brain, depression, bone loss, hot flashes, & low muscle tone.

Estrogen Dominance

Symptoms include: weight gain, excess fat around breasts/hips/abdomen, low libido, erectile dysfunction, infertility, prostate cancer or enlargement, diabetes, & high blood pressure.

Low Androgen

Symptoms include: loss of muscle tone, breast development, brittle hair, dry eyes, dry skin, sensitivity to noise, achy joints, low libido, memory loss, lethargy, & depression.

Low Progesterone

Symptoms include: low libido, hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, depression, enlarged male breasts, erectile dysfunction, impotence, bone and muscle loss, & prostate enlargement.

High Cortisol

Symptoms include: feeling "wired yet tired," irritability, sleep disruptions, abdominal fat, sugar cravings, memory loss, slowed healing, high blood sugar, & elevated blood pressure.

Thyroid Dysfunction

Symptoms include: thinning hair/eyelashes/eyebrows, brittle fingernails, sensitivity to cold, weight gain, depression, constipation, bloating, lethargy, & joint aches.

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